Dr. Reza Gharebaghi
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Dr. Reza Gharebaghi

IVORC, Austin, United States

Highest Degree
M.D. in Medicine from Shahed University, Iran

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Dr. Reza Gharebaghi has an over 20 years of experience in life science research and management. He has published over 80 articles mostly in top-tier peerreviewed scholarly journals as well several highly influential citations mostly in life sciences. He has received over 900 citations with an i10-index of 22, six registered patents, and has co-authored two books. He had an active contribution and was keynote speaker in several national and international events. Dr. Reza has also organized over 15 courses in medical writing and research integrity, as well as several scholarly visitsto international congresses as a speaker. Besides attending several programs on strategic management, he worked in the field of management, and medical journalism over twenty years with history of close collaboration with academic media. He organized over 70 workshops and webinars and the history of editorial management of several journals and academic websites in the field of public health. He made major contributions to ophthalmology research and health policy in his country despite economic limitations, and is a leading clinician-scientist in the country that holds MD and master of public health in health policy.

Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Clinical and Surgical Ophthalmology
Health Policy

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Gharebaghi, R., F. Heidary and A.A. Pourezzat, 2022. Serial deaths of young trainee physicians in Iran during COVID-19 pandemic; messages to policy makers. Front. Health Serv., Vol. 2. 10.3389/frhs.2022.777065.
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  2. Gharebaghi, R. and F. Heidary, 2020. Social and academic responsibility given COVID-19 pandemic. Iran. J. Public Health, 49: 134-135.
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  3. Gharebaghi, R. and F. Heidary, 2020. Prevalence of visual impairment in school children. J. Ophthalmic Vision Res., 15: 123-124.
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  4. Gharebaghi, R. and F. Heidary, 2020. COVID-19 and Iran: Swimming with hands tied! Swiss Med. Weekly, Vol. 150. 10.4414/smw.2020.20242.
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  5. Heidary, F., R. Gharebaghi, R. Heidary and A.H. Gharebaghi, 2011. Potential use of taurine against pterygium formation. J. Altern. Complementary Med., 17: 3-4.
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  6. Gharebaghi, A.H., F. Heidary, R. Gharebaghi and R. Heidary, 2011. Mehdi-ODM; a modified digital monitoring of the occlusion therapy for amblyopia. Graefes Arch. Clin. Exp. Ophthalmol., 249: 945-946.
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  7. Heidary, F., R. Gharebaghi, W.H.W. Hitam and I. Shatriah, 2010. Nerve fiber layer thickness. Ophthalmology, 117: 1861-1862.
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  8. Heidary, F., A.H. Gharebaghi, R. Heidary and A.H. Gharebaghi, 2010. Importance of digital palpation as a routine technique for intraocular pressure estimation in primary care settings. Clin. Optometry, 2: 91-92.
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  9. Gharebaghi, R., F. Heidary, R. Heidary and M. Mahdavi, 2010. Social determinants in ocular diseases. Clin. Optometry, 2: 119-120.
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  10. Gharebaghi, R., F. Heidary and R. Heidary, 2010. Palpation by blind examiners: A novel approach for glaucoma screening. Clin. Ophthalmol., 4: 671-672.
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