Dr. Saeed  Shoar
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Dr. Saeed Shoar

Research Scientist
Scientific Writing Corporation, Iran

Highest Degree
M.D. in Surgery from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

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Dr. Saeed Shoar is currently working as Research Associate in Department of Plastic Surgery, St Fatemeh, Iran University School of Medicine, and Shariati Hospital, Tehran University School of Medicine. He has completed his M.D. degree in Surgery from same University. He is member of Association for Academic Surgery (AAS), USA. He also served as Research Associate at Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Research Center, Day General Private Hospital, Scientific Referee, and Research Associate at Development Association for Clinical Studies (DACS), Student Scientific Research Center (SSRC), Tehran University School of Medicine, and member of American College of Physicians (ACP), USA. He is also serving as peer reviewer for journals. Dr. Saeed received honors includes Winner of the best translator prize at the 16th festival of student book for translating Snell clinical book of Anatomy into Persian language, and Top one medical student at Department of Surgery in Shariati Hospital. He has published 53 research articles in journals, 40 articles submitted for publication in peer review journals, and edited and translates 3 books as author/co-author. He also invited to delivered presentation of research projects in many congresses.

Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Cardiac Surgery

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Khorgami, Z., S. Shoar, N.H. Araghi and A. Soroush, 2014. Multiple hydatid cysts of the liver. Am. J. Med. Sci., 348: 167-167.
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  2. Abdollahi, A., S. Shoar, H. Saffar, H. Saffar and A. Yazdi, 2014. Microbial and antibiotic susceptibility profiles among pleural effusion exudative samples. Iranian J. Pathol., 9: 38-44.
  3. Zavareh, D.K., S. Shoar and S. Saadat, 2013. Antilock braking system effectiveness in prevention of road traffic crashes in Iran. BMC Public Health, Vol. 13. 10.1186/1471-2458-13-439.
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  4. Tabatabaei, A., A. Kasaei, M. Nikdel, S. Shoar, S. Esmaeili et al., 2013. Clinical characteristics and causality of eye lid laceration in Iran. Oman Med. J., 28: 97-101.
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  5. Shoar, S., S. Esmaeili, Z. Khorgami, M. Naderan and N. Shoar, 2013. Efficacy of acupuncture in prevention of Anesthesia-related shivering. Acupuncture Med., 31: 120-121.
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  6. Shoar, S., N. Shoar and S.E. Ketabchi, 2013. Relapsing primary spinal cord hydatid cyst: A case report and review of literature. J. Pak. Med. Student, 3: 171-174.
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  7. Samadi, S., N. Gholizadeh, N. Shoar and S. Shoar, 2013. Attitudes of obstetricians toward cesarean delivery in challenging cases. J. Obstetrics Gynecol. India, 63: 301-305.
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  8. Salehi, S.H., K. As'adi, S.J. Mousavi and S. Shoar, 2013. Evaluation of amniotic membrane effectiveness in skin graft donor site dressing in burn patients. Indian J. Surg., 10.1007/s12262-013-0864-x.
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  9. Sadati, L., A. Pazouki, A. Mehdizadeh, S. Shoar, Z. Tamannaie and S. Chaichian, 2013. Effect of preoperative nursing visit on preoperative anxiety and postoperative complications in candidates for laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A randomized clinical trial. Scand. J. Caring Sci., 27: 994-998.
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  10. Roshanali, F., A. Vedadian, S. Shoar and M.H. Mandegar, 2013. Efficacy of papillary muscle approximation in preventing functional mitral regurgitation recurrence in high risk patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy and mitral regurgitation. Acta Cardiol., 68: 271-278.
  11. Ramim, T., M. Mobayen, N. Shoar, M. Naderan and S. Shoar, 2013. Burnt wives in Tehran: A warm tragedy of self-injury. Int. J. Burns Trauma, 3: 66-71.
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  12. Rajabiani, A., F.K. Kanafi, N. Kamalian, S. Shoar, A. Abdollahi and S. Sheikhbahaei, 2013. Malignant pleomorphic adenoma (Malignant Mixed Tumor) of the minor salivary glands. Iran. J. Pathol., 8: 189-193.
  13. Khorgami, Z., S. Shoar, N. Hosseini Araghi, F. Mollahosseini, S. Nasiri, M.H. Ghaffari and A. Aminian, 2013. Randomized clinical trial of subcutaneous versus interfascial bupivacaine for pain control after midline laparotomy. Br. J. Surg., 100: 743-748.
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  14. Khorgami, Z., S. Shoar, B. Laghaie, A. Aminian, N. Hosseini Araghi and A. Soroush, 2013. Prophylactic retention sutures in midline laparotomy in High-risk patients for wound dehiscence: A randomized controlled trial. J. Surgical Res., 180: 238-243.
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  15. Khorgami, Z., A. Abbas, S. Shoar, A. Radmard, K.S. Esfandabad, A. Hedayat and R. Malekzadeh, 2013. Diffuse large B cell lymphoma of rectosigmoid junction: Case report and literature review. Middle East J. Digestive Dis., 5: 151-155.
  16. Hoseini, S.S., S. Shoar, A. Dehpour, M. Naderan and N. Shoar, 2013. Cure hunter to treat marfan syndrome; Introducing new remedies to target transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β). J. Pak. Med. Stud., 3: 28-30.
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  17. Esteghamati, A., M. Mousavizadeh, S. Noshad, S. Shoar, O. Khalilzadeh and M. Nakhjavani, 2013. Accuracy of anthropometric parameters in identification of High-risk patients predicted with cardiovascular risk models. Am. J. Med. Sci., 346: 26-31.
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  18. Azizi, R., M. Alvandipour, S. Shoar and B. Mahjoubi, 2013. Combination of pseudocontinent perineal colostomy and appendicostomy a new approach in the treatment of low rectal cancer. Surgical Innovat., 20: 471-477.
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  19. Azizi, R., M. Alvandipour, A. Bijari, S. Shoar and M. Alemrajabi, 2013. Clinical outcome after stapled transanal rectal resection for obstructed defecation syndrome: The first Iranian experience. Eur. Surgery, 45: 21-25.
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  20. Anvari, M.S., M.A. Boroumand, S. Shoar, M. Naderan and P. Bina, 2013. Ascending Aorta Aneurysm and Blood Group A among Iranian Patients. Thrombosis Res., 131: e51-e53.
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  21. Amini, H., Y. Moghaddam, A.A. Nejatisafa, S. Esmaeili and H. Kaviani et al., 2013. Senior medical students' attitudes toward psychiatry as a career choice before and after an undergraduate psychiatry internship in Iran. Acad. Psychiatry, 37: 196-201.
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  22. Amini, H., A.A. Nejatisafa, S. Shoar, H. Kaviani and M. Samimi-Ardestani et al., 2013. Iranian medical students' perception of psychiatry: Before and after a psychiatry clerkship. Iran. J. Psychiatry, 8: 37-43.
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  23. Alizadeh, R., S. Esmaeili, S. Shoar, M. Naderan and N. Shoar, 2013. Acupuncture effectiveness in controlling postoperative Anesthesia-related sore throat. Acupuncture Med. J., .
  24. Abdollahi, A., S. Shoar, S. Sheikhbahaei and S. Jafari, 2013. Sero-prevalence of cytomegalovirus and toxoplasma infections among newly diagnosed HIV patients in Iran; Assessing the correlation with CD4+ cell counts. Iran. J. Pathol., 8: 81-88.
  25. Abdollahi, A., S. Shoar and N. Shoar, 2013. Microorganisms' colonization and their antibiotic resistance pattern in Oro-tracheal tube. Iran. J. Microbiol., 5: 102-107.
    PubMed  |  
  26. Shoar, S., S. Esmaeili and S. Safari, 2012. Pain management after surgery: A brief review. Anesth Pain, 1: 184-186.
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  27. Shoar, S., N. Shoar, Z. Khorgami, S.S. Hoseini and M. Naderan, 2012. Prophylactic diet: A treatment for night eating syndrome. Hypotheses J., Vol. 10. 10.5779/hypothesis.v10i1.241#sthash.EYOPgaUZ.dpuf.
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  28. Shoar, S., N. Shoar, N. Rezaei, A. Talebian and M.J. Lahgani, 2012. Cerebral sinovenous thrombosis (CSVT) in a neonate with different manifestations. Acta Med. Iran., 50: 444-446.
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  29. Shoar, S., M. Naderan, N. Shoar and A.R. Dehpour, 2012. Sleep-related eating disorder: A case report of a progressed night eating syndrome. Acta Med. Iran., 50: 522-524.
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  30. Salehi, S.H., K. As'adi, J. Musavi, F. Ahrari and P. Nemazi et al., 2012. Assessment of substances abuse in burn patients by using drug abuse screening test. Acta Med. Iran., 50: 257-264.
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  31. Roshanali, F., A. Vedadian, S. Shoar, S. Sandoughdaran, M. Naderan and M.H. Mandegar, 2012. The viable mitral annular dynamics and left ventricular function after mitral valve repair by biological rings. Int. Cardiovasc. Res. J., 6: 118-123.
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  32. Moradi, M., S. Esmaeili, S. Shoar and S. Safari, 2012. Use of oxycodone in pain management. Anesth Pain, 1: 262-264.
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  33. Hoseini, S.S., Z.K. Vaghe, N. Shoar and S. Shoar, 2012. Bone-within- Bone; Interesting images of an osteopetrosis case. J. Pak. Med. Stud., 2: 13-14.
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  34. Hoseini, S.S., A. Moeeny, S. Shoar, N. Shoar, M. Naderan, S.H. Gharibzadeh and A.R. Dehpour, 2012. Designing nomogram for determining the hearts QRS axis. J. Clin. Basic Cardiol., 14: 12-15.
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  35. Abdollahi, A., S. Shoar, F. Nayyeri and M. Shariat, 2012. Diagnostic value of simultaneous measurement of procalcitonin, Interleukin-6 and hs-CRP in prediction of Early-onset neonatal sepsis. Mediterranean J. Hematol. Infect. Dis., Vol. 4. 10.4084/MJHID.2012.028.
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  36. Abdollahi, A. and S. Shoar, 2012. Relationships of serum level of high-sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hs-CRP) and White Blood Cell (WBC) count with Gamma-glutamyltransferase among Iranian healthy adults. Iran. J. Pathol., 7: 209-214.
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  37. Abdollahi, A. and S. Shoar, 2012. Comparison of adenosine deaminase, zinc, magnesium, lipid profile and some micronutrient elements and their relation with cd4 counts in human immunodeficiency virus positive and negative patients. J. Glob. Infect. Dis., 4: 199-206.
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  38. Shoar, S. and Z. Khorgami, 2011. A foreign body in the anal canal. J. Pak. Med. Stud., 1: 102-102.
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  39. Modarres-Gilani, M., F. Ghaemmaghami, A. Mousavi, F. Abbasi, A. Abdollahi and S. Shoar, 2011. Simultaneous measurement of two serum markers (CA-125 and HE-4) while diagnosing malignant ovarian epithelial tumors. Pak. J. Med. Sci., 27: 858-861.
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  40. Khorgami, Z., S. Shoar, A. Aminian, S. Nasiri and H. Mahmoodzadeh, 2011. Stent-and-glue sutureless vascular anastomosis. Med. Hypotheses, 77: 94-96.
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  41. Hoseini, S.S., S. Hantoushzadeh and S. Shoar, 2011. Evaluating the extent of pregravid risk factors of gestational diabetes mellitus in women in Tehran. Iran. Red Crescent Med. J., 13: 407-414.
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  42. Hoseini, S.S., N. Shoar and S. Shoar, 2011. Intraocular interleukin-7 injection can be an effective strategy for prevention and treatment of proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Iran. J. Med. Hypotheses Ideas, 5: 1-5.
  43. Boroumand, M.A., M.S. Anvari, L. Pourgholi, S. Shoar, M. Naderan, E. Amelimojarad and H. Goodarzynejad, 2011. Local factors affecting cost/benefit of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus screening, a study from a low-income country. Am. J. Infect. Control, 39: 703-705.
  44. Hosseni, M., S.S. Hoseini and S. Shoar, 2010. Potential preventions and treatments of Alzheimer's disease: A pathophysiologic approach. Med. Hypotheses Res., 6: 51-59.
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  46. Hosseini, M., S.S. Hoseini, N. Shoar and S. Shoar, 2010. ONE-TWO criteria: Improving the approach to electrocardiogram. Iran. J. Med. Hypotheses Ideas, 4: 1-5.
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  47. Hoseini, S.S. and S. Shoar, 2010. Lateral eye canthus: A place to discover myopia. Med. Hypotheses, 75: 136-137.
  48. Gharibzadeh, S., M. Hosseini, S. Shoar and S.S. Hoseini, 2010. Depression and fruit treatment. J. Neuropsychiatry Clin. Neurosci., 22: 451-451.
  49. Boroumand, M.A., M.S. Anvari, E. Amelimojarad, S. Shoar and M. Naderan et al., 2010. Association between angiographically assessed coronary artery disease and serum levels of prostate specific antigen. Clin. Lab., 57: 975-981.
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