What is LiveDNA.com?
LiveDNA is a website where researchers can register for a unique LiveDNA number. At this site, users can: Update their profile information; Build their publication list or uploading a file; Select to make their profile public or private. Registered as well as non-registered users can search the LiveDNA database to view profiles and find potential collaborators.
What is a LiveDNA number?
A LiveDNA number is a unique identifier that consists of numeric characters. These numbers represent the researcher’s country, field of interest and liveDNA number.
Searching the Database
How do I search the Database?
You can search the Database by entering the LiveDNA number you are interested in, or by searching by last name and first initial combination, keywords, institution, or country.
How are the keywords generated?
Keywords are entered by the researchers participating in LiveDNA.com.
Are all results presented to me?
When performing a search, you will receive results from users who have chosen to make their profiles public. We respect the privacy of individual researchers and only post information for people who have chosen to be listed on this site.
I would like a LiveDNA number! How do I register?
Click here to register your LiveDNA for free
What are the benefits of registering at LiveDNA.com?
Take advantage of the ability to build your own custom profile and avoid the common problem of author misidentification. Once registered, you will be provided with the tools to build your publication list. Please See Benefits for more
How do I control the data available about me during registration?
When you register, there are some items on the registration page that will be public by default, including your first name, last name, institution, role, and other names. Your mailing address and email will be private. You can change these setting once you have logged into your account.
I'm not registered! What can I do at this site?
Non-registered users can search the database and view public profiles.
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