Dr. Ramadan Abdelbadea Shawky Abdelbadea
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Dr. Ramadan Abdelbadea Shawky Abdelbadea

Associate Professor

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Botany from Mansoura University, Egypt

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Dr. Shawky completed his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Plant Ecology, Flora and Taxonomy) at Mansoura University, Egypt. He went on to establish and lead the efforts as a researcher and Lecturure in this issues. Dr. shawky has been the expert of Ecology and Plant genetic resources at League of Arab States and as Assistant Prof. at University of Technology an Applied Science..

Area of Interest:

Plant Biology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Shawky, R.A. and A.H. Mohamed, 2022. Impact of anthropogenic disturbance on vegetation structure of El-Maktala coastal land, Egypt. Ecologia, 12: 7-14.
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  2. Shawky, R.A. and Y.A. El-Amei, 2021. Vegetation dynamics and growth performance of Nitraria retusa among different habitats in Egypt. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 24: 537-547.
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  3. Shawky, R.A., 2020. Distribution and population structure of Avicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh in relation to the environmental gradient along the red sea coast of Egypt. J. Inst. Landscape Ecol. Slovak Acad. Sci., 40: 48-53.
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  4. Shawky, R.A. and N.M. Alzamel, 2020. Survey on medicinal plants in the flora of Al Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia. Eur. J. Biosci., 14: 3795-3800.
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  5. Shawky, R.A. and E.A. Mussa, 2020. In vitro propagation of the rare caralluma retrospeciens plant in Egypt. Int. J. Adv. Res., 10.21474/ijar01/11393.
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  6. Shawky, R. and S. Keilani, 2020. Vegetation and seed bank in relation to microhabitat of wadi naghamish, north western coast of Egypt. Egypt. J. Desert Res., 70: 11-24.
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  7. Shawky, R., 2018. Effect of edaphic factors on the vegetation zonation in some littoral and inland salt marshes of Egypt. Botanica, 24: 202-210.
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  8. Hosny, A.M., R.A. Shawky and A.A. Hashim, 2018. Size structure and floristic diversity of acacia trees population in Taif Area, Saudi Arabia. J. Biodivers. Endanger. Species, Vol. 6, No. 1. 10.4172/2332-2543.1000210.
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  9. Shawky, R.A. and A.A. El-Khouly, 2017. Plant species diversity of some wadis at red sea coast, Egypt. J. Bot. Sci. 6: 25-35.
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  10. Maimona, A.K., A. Ahmed, A.S. Ramadan and M.H. Nessrien, 2017. Vegetation-soil relationship associated with Moringa peregrine (Forssk.) Fiori. population in Egypt. J. Environ. Sci., 46: 121-136.
  11. El-Amier,Y.A. and R.A. Shawky, 2017. Floristic features and vegetation structure of salt affected lands at the north Nile Delta, Egypt. J. Environ. Sci., 46: 71-88.
  12. Mahmoud, A. Zahran; Yasser, A. El-Amier and Ramadan, A. Shawky. 2017. On the ecology and role of the wild flora In the sustainable development of the deltaic mediterranean coastal desert, Egypt. Int. J.Life Sci. Technol., 10: 45-59.
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  13. Zahran, M.A., Y.A. El-Amier and R.A. Shawky, 2016. Natural vegetation of the Egyptian deserts: Ecology and economic potentialities. J. Environ. Sci., 45: 269-282.
  14. Zahran, M.A., A.M. Ahmed, A.M.A. El-Gawad R.A., Shawky, 2013. Vegetation-soil relationship in sidi abd el-rahman sector, western mediterranean coast, Egypt. Egypt. J. Bot., 53: 385-398.
  15. Barakat, N.A., M.A. Zahran, Z.M. Nassar and R.A. Shawky, 2010. Assessment of vegetation and nutritive value of three halophytes in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Egypt. J. Desert Res., 60: 79-95.