Board of Directors

The LiveDNA is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of eleven scholarly high profile individuals committed to working for researchers and save scientific integrity. All the members of the board of directors steer LiveDNA towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies. These board members provide foresight, oversight, and insight about the day to day and long term operations of LiveDNA.


The mission of the LiveDNA is to ensure scientific discoverability, promote transparency in research, and strengthen collaboration between researchers, institutions, and organizations.


LiveDNA provides information and other resources to its Ambassadors to further support their outreach efforts

The LiveDNA selects energetic and volunteer individuals as LiveDNA Ambassadors. The aim of choosing ambassadors is to help facilitate the adoption of LiveDNA's identifiers locally and globally. These ambassadors-junior and senior, researchers and managers, across disciplines and geography are selected to educate friends and colleagues about LiveDNA and identify opportunities for LiveDNA in their particular spheres. Ambassadors include organizations, researchers, faculty and university administration, librarians, funders, and association, and publishing professionals.

The LiveDNA provides information and other resources to its Ambassadors to further support their outreach efforts, such as:

  • Organizing and leading LiveDNA presentations at conferences and their institutions
  • Posting LiveDNA information on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites
  • Displaying their LiveDNA (id's) in their email signature, CV, and Web site
  • Educating friends and colleagues about LiveDNA through informal conversations
  • Encouraging their organization or nation to become a member and embed LiveDNA identifiers in research workflows.

Through Ambassador Program we are increasing our work and visibiltiy around the world.

Be an Ambassador

Be the Organizational Member

All stakeholders in the research-ecosystem
(research institutions, publishers, funders, etc.)
are eligible to become a member.