Terkimbi Vange

Terkimbi Vange

Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Agriculture, Plant Breeding and Genetics from University of Nigeria Nsukka

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Terkimbi Vange is a Professor of Plant Breeding and Biometrics in the Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Science, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue state North Central Nigeria. He is a holder of B. Agric (Crop Production), M.Sc. (Plant Breeding and Genetics) and Ph.D. (Plant Breeding and Biometrics). He has a certificate in Agronomy at Iowa State University Ames and obtained training in Biotechnology application in Molecular Genetics and Plant Breeding at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA

Professor T. Vange was Head of Department, Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Science, Ag, Director, Seed Technology Centre. He also was the Deputy Director, Research and Development, all at the University of Agriculture, Makurdi. Currently, He is the Dean, College of Agronomy.

Professor Terkimbi Vange, a USDA FAS Borlaug Fellow, has written many publications in national, international and electronic journals. He attended and presented papers in numerous conferences both international and national level. The Professor has taught courses in Agronomy, Plant breeding and Biometry. Conduct extensive research in cereals especially on rice production and improvement. Participated in several rural survey and extension work. He has participated as key actor in the Swiss Government Capacity Building for Agricultural Education in Nigeria (CBAEN) as key actor in the Agricultural Value Chain. He served as Board member of National Agricultural Seed Council (NASC) Abuja and has been external examiner to many Higher academic institutions. He supervised Several Students at all levels of study. His research interest is on the improvement of yield through breeding especial use of MAS. Highlight of some of his research work includes: The Use of Integrated Approach in the Control of Striga hermonthica in Maize in the Guinea Savannah Region of Nigeria (Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria CARGS Sponsored Research). Development of novel breeding approaches that increase efficiency of selection and expression of resistance to striga in Maize. (United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) sponsored research – Borlaug Fellowship). Development of sustainable low input crop management technologies for increase productivity of resource poor farmers to ensure food security and environmental quality etc.

Professor Vange has passion for excellence and impacting positively on the lives of others in the society. This has endeared him to many and in recognition of his contribution to the development of the university and the society at large, Professor Vange has received several awards. His interest includes reading, inter-cultural friendship, games and visits.

Area of Interest:

Genetics and Plant breeding

Selected Publications

  1. Vange, T., G.O.S. Ojo and A.M. Ladan, 2020. Combining ability and heterosis for some yield component traits in a 10x10 diallel cross of rice (Oryza sativa L.). Asian J. Res. Crop Sci., 5: 24-34.
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  2. ABIMAJE G.O., T. VANGE, D.K. ADEDZWA and A. SHAAHU, 2018. Studies on the interrelationship between yield and agronomic traits in some selected soybean lines at yandev in southern guinea savannah of nigeria. Journal of Plant Development 25: 77-84.
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  3. Vange T., G.G. Jibung and N.I. Odiaka, 2017. Assessment of drumstick tree (m. deifera) accessions for genetic diversity in the southern guinea region of nigeria. International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology 2: 503-509.
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  4. T. Vange, F. Ikyeleve, J.O. Okoh 2016. Effect of Packaging Materials and Storage Condition on Soybean Germination and Seedling Vigour in Makurdi Res. J. Seed Sci., 9: 1-4.
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  5. Dau J.H., T. Vange and J.I. Amonum, 2016. Growth space requirements models for daniellia oliverii (rolfe) hutch and daviz tree in makurdi, nigeria. International Journal of Forestry and Horticulture 2: 31-39.
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