Bagegnehu Bekele

Bagegnehu Bekele

Soil and water conservation associate researcher
Southern Agricultural Research Institute

Highest Degree
M.Sc. in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering from Hawassa University, Ethiopia

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The author was born on 27 December 1981 at Dawro Zone, Tocha Woreda , SNNPR,Ethiopia.
He attended his elementary school education in Tocha from 1995 to 2003, Tocha Secondary High school from 2004 to 2005. He attended preparatory at Waka Secondary School from 1998 to 1999. After completing his Preparatory program, he joined Mada Walabu University and studied a B.Sc. degree program in Natural Resource Management for three years from 2000 to 2002 and Graduated in 2010.
After graduation, he was employed at Essera Woreda Agriculture and Rural Development Office and Worked as Expert of Wild life resources Conservation and management and as a Coordinator of Participatory Forest Management Project in Natural Resource Department. During his service year, the author had trained Development Agents GPS and GIS application on watershed management, Wild life resource conservation and management, Scaling up of Participatory forest management project for Sustainable Environment and livelihood improvement and Water harvesting techniques.
After 3 years of service in Essera Woreda Agriculture and Rural Development Office, he joined Worabe Agricultural Research Center under South Agricultural Research Institute(SARI) as Natural Resource Research Work process Coordinator and Soil and water Conservation Researcher for two years and five months. During his service year, the author had verified and Demonstrated Conservation Agriculture (CA) technology for increased maize on dry land areas of Silte Zone, Farmer Research Group (FRG) based quantification and demonstration of soil loss from different soil conservation practices.
After 2.5 years of service in Worabe agricultural research center, he joined School of Graduate Studies at Hawassa University on 13/10/2015 to pursue his M.Sc. degree in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering and awarded Msc. degree on March, 2018. Now, He is working as soil and water conservation Associate researcher

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Selected Publications

  1. Ostad-Ali-Askari, K. and M. Shayannejad, 2020. Impermanent changes investigation of shape factors of the volumetric balance model for water development in surface irrigation. Model. Earth Syst. Environ., 6: 1573-1580.
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  2. Gebremichael, A., B. Bekele and B. Tadesse, 2020. Evaluation of the effect of sorghum-legume intercropping and its residual effect on yield of sorghum in yeki woreda, sheka zone, Ethiopia. Int. J. Agric. Res., Innovation Technol., 9: 62-66.
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  3. Bekele, B. and Y. Gemi, 2020. Soil erosion risk and sediment yield assessment with universal soil loss equation and gis: in dijo watershed, rift valley basin of Ethiopia. Model. Earth Syst. Environ., 10.1007/s40808-020-01017-z.
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